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Plenary 2: New Horizons in Open Research: Open transitions within Plan S

Thu Sep 12/ 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
As funders and libraries drive toward a full transition to open access, it's both an exciting and challenging time for scholarly publishing. In this session we launch the final results of the Society Publishers Accelerating Open access and Plan S (SPA-OPS) project funded by the Wellcome Trust and UKRI and conducted in partnership with ALPSP. We will hear directly from the Society publishers involved in pilots about their discoveries and thoughts on the future. We will also hear directly from senior policy makers about what they have learned from the project and the impact it will have. There are an array of potential business models that can help publishers to transition successfully to open access publishing. These include open platforms, systematic and immediate manuscript sharing, transactional payments, transformative agreements, and more. There are challenges to manage, for example different parts of your markets transitioning at different times and in different ways and the need for changing infrastructure. There are also new opportunities and rewards to be found. The transition to open access publishing models, and technology innovations, also enable publishers to transform their product and services in imaginative ways. This plenary session is part of the conference theme of New Horizons in Open Research and will be followed by parallel sessions with special focus on open peer review and open methods.