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Session 1: What's the long-term legacy of COVID-19 on trust and transparency

Thurs 17 Sept 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented need to share research data and findings as quickly as possible. Several academic journals, funders, and even private entities have agreed to make research publications and other research outputs such as data, become openly available, at least for the duration of the crisis. Scientists are recognizing the power of collaborating and opening up research in ways and at a scale that have not been seen before. A testament of this shift in attitudes is the massive uptake of preprints, with researchers from all over the globe sharing information at record speed. Several initiatives are encouraging a much broader engagement in peer review, exploring new models of open and rapid feedback. Journalists are trying to keep up with the speed of research dissemination to inform the public on the latest discoveries. This first session will be a debate around these changes, their consequences and implications, and the long-term effect they may have on trust and transparency in science and publication.